Press Release Christmas Tournament Grand Teguise Playa

On Saturday December 17th , was held on Christmas Tournament Grand Teguise Playa 2011, in the form in pairs better ball Stableford with two indistinct categories, plus the participation of all the foreign players who visit our a category for island visitors.

This tournament was played in parallel to Lanzarote Golf Tournament Trophy Tour Grand Teguise Playa and had the participation of 56 players, 20 of them foreigners from countries like Germany, England and Sweden.

This edition closed with a flourish the 2011 tournament season, to be charitable as well as part of the registration was for ADISLAN Association, likewise organized a charity raffle with gifts generously ceded by the Hotel Grand Teguise Playa, Lanzarote Golf, companies and establishments on the island such as Puerto Bahia Restaurant, Restaurant Kinsale, Rancho Texas, Hardware Aunts, Intersport, Tenths, Club Maker Lanzarote, Fuerte Gym, Computer Lanzarote, Match Point and Paleocenter. The total raised for the association amounted to the sum of 2,000 €.

The particularity of this event lies in the diversity of players who gathered in the field, and that 13 of them played the Lanzarote Golf Tour, and came from different provinces of the peninsula that joined the Christmas tournament players Grand Teguise Beach and international visitors.

The awards ceremony took place at the Grand Teguise Playa Hotel on the Saturday at 19:00 hrs. This event was preceded by important figures of the island such as the Minister of Tourism Council of Lanzarote, Astrid Perez, the Director General of the Canary Islands PROMOTUR, Rita Hernandez, Oswaldo Bethancort, Mayor of Teguise, Rita Martin, Councillor for Tourism Teguise, Rafael Cabrera Laso, owner of Lanzarote Golf Resort, Elena Angel Gutierrez, Director of Golf Lanzarote, Adolfo de la Rua, Director of Hotel Grand Teguise Playa and Javier Roura, organizer of Lanzarote Golf Tour Trophy Grand Teguise Playa.

After the awards ceremony, all guests enjoyed the cocktail organized by the magnificent Grand Teguise Playa Hotel and during proceeded to draw for the raffle charity.

Christmas Tournament Winners Grand Teguise Playa 2011

In category 1 (0 to 14.4)

  • First partnership classified : Samuel Lucas Garcia and Gomez Santana Hole with a total of 43 points.
  • Second pair classified: Rocio Morales and Julio Enrique Martín Robayna a total of 38 points.
  • Third pair classified: Luis Maria Hdez. Jesus Perez and J. Fontes Delgado with a total of 37 points.

In category 2 (14.5 to 28.4)

  • First partnership classified: Julian Figuereo Force and Miguel Rodríguez Estévez with a total of 42 points.
  • Second pair classified: Peter Edward Woolhouse and Karl Heinz Dhale a total of 38 points.
  • Third pair classified: Michael Patrick Costello and William Robert Carpenter with a total of 34 points.

Visitor category

  • First partnership classified: Josep Maria Serra Fors and Roger Nilsson with a total of 37 points.
  • Second pair classified: Ritta Persson and Eddy Kairis a total of 30 points.
  • Third pair classified: Karl Heinz Fritz Seitz Brass and a total of 29 points.

From Lanzarote Golf thank the team of the Grand Teguise Playa Hotel, the Tourism Council of Lanzarote and Lanzarote organizer Javier Roura Golf Tour as they have broadcast the mark of the island on the peninsula as a golf destination, likewise many thanks all contributors who made selfless contributions. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 and look forward to your participation in the upcoming 2012 tournament season.