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  • Texas Scramble Stableford.Pairs ( m, f, or mixed)
  • Handicaps unlimited
  • The handicap of the game will be 30 % of the sum of the handicaps of the components of the pair.


Each pair drives from each tee with their own ball. For the next shot the most favourable ball is chosen , the other ball is brought up to this point and each player continues in this way playing his own ball until the hole is finished.

If the chosen ball is on the fairway the 2 players play their following shots placing the other ball within a scorecard of the chosen ball and not nearer the hole.

If the chosen ball is in the rough or in an area of obstruction or bunker, the chosen ball is played as it lies, and the other ball is dropped at a point as near to the chosen ball as possible, without disturbing the lie of the recently played ball of the partner. If this is not possible, a drop must be taken. On the fairway, to play before or after the chosen ball is the free option of the pair. However if the chosen ball lies in the rough or in a bunker the chosen ball must be played first.

It is obligatory that each player plays his own ball.

*** Being “Texas” format a minimum of 6 shots must be played from the tee by each component of the pair.


The first three pairs.